investment philosophy

value creation is our business

incorporated in 2002, aasa is a business platform focused on the theme of value creation with its core competency in hands-on management.
as principal investor, aasa has the ambition to achieve sustainable long-term returns through a symbiosis of capital and labor investments into turnaround, transitioning and venture companies.

our value creation strategy

a good business opportunity is not enough: each investment starts with a sound business case, but it takes more than being right to be successful. Strategic leadership and majority control are the pre-requisites for our approach to value creation. Drawing together a team with the right skills, obtaining their buy-in to a focused business model and the strict adherence to highest professional and ethical standards are the ingredients of a stringent implementation of this model at all operational levels.

we bring strategic vision and hands-on approach

we believe that the congruence of leadership, financial commitment and day-to-day management - this symbiosis of capital and labor - are necessary contributions to the creation of sustainable corporate value. aasa actively drives the value creation process by defining and implementing a clear business strategy.

to that effect our team is a mix of personalities and skills in leadership, management, technology, production, marketing and finance, paired with hands-on mindset and respecting highest professional and ethical standards.

entrepreneurial capital and long term commitment

aasa‘s value creation strategy calls for entrepreneurial capital from committed investors with control capacity that share the downside risk in long-term. We implement our clear-cut value oriented strategy based on relevant drivers, with simplicity, focus and the buy-in of the entire organization. We contribute strategic and operational labor and expertise with leadership and entrepreneurial spirit as well as the ability to plan, implement and coach.

we handle the full investment process from deal origination to detailed strategy implementation, sustainable value creation and realization of superior returns.

as lead-investor we ensure the short and long-term alignment of interests of all parties.