Bakery & Pastry - M&A update - November 2015 (pdf 4.92 MB)

Global consumer trends for health, convenience and indulgence are driving growth in the mature bakery industry. Competition is high for those bakery manufacturers and retailers that can meet consumer preferences, with the major bakery manufacturers that need to access faster-growing niches paying attractive valuations for high quality assets.

Sensors - M&A update - July 2015 (pdf 3.48 MB)

Sensor-enabled technologies are pervading practically all areas of life as the development of sophisticated and smaller sensing solutions has seen adoption levels grow across a number of markets, including automotive and transportation, industrial, medical and consumer electronics. Rocketing demand, combined with technological innovations and concepts such as the Internet of Things (IoT)1, will result in an impressive growth rate (far outpacing global gross domestic product [GDP]) for the global sensors market over the next five years.

Renewable Energy - M&A update - June 2015 (pdf 4.28 MB)

Global investment in Renewable Energy (RE) approached record levels in 2014, reflecting growing investor confidence and a greater recognition of the attractive opportunities that exist. The prominence of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind, along with the notable and growing shift towards developing markets, will be important contributors to investment and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity over the next few years.

Hosting - M&A update - April 2015 (pdf 4.33 MB)

The hosting industry has experienced strong growth in recent years and is currently valued at more than USD50 billion. Robust growth looks set to continue across all major hosting subsectors over the next few years. Further consolidation is anticipated during this time as larger market participants continue to pursue acquisition opportunities.

FinTech - M&A update - April 2015 (pdf 2.89 MB)

The financial technology (FinTech) sector is currently seeing a boom in investment and strong mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity as new technology and changing customer behaviours transform financial services. Much of this activity involves new FinTech companies that are developing innovative and disruptive products.

Automotive interiors - M&A update - Autumn 2014 (pdf 3.83 MB)

The recovery in demand for light vehicles is supporting growth in the automotive interior components market, which is forecast to reach over €120 billion by 2020. Interiors suppliers are using M&A to meet the demands created by changes in original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) supply chain strategies, expand geographically and access high growth opportunities. This is supporting a notable recovery in acquisition activity.