our approach

M&A and strategic advisory

aasa is the trusted M&A and strategic advisor for mid-sized corporates and entrepreneurs with whom we endeavor to build long term relationships. Wholly independent, we provide our clients with tailored entrepreneurial solutions based on unbiased objective advice.

we help them analyze and understand major industry trends, determine their competitive industry position, evaluate their strategic needs and options, and eventually identify the relevant transaction universe. Together we shape strategic vision.

highest ethical standards and flawless execution are the cornerstones of our professional advisory work. Our team of seasoned M&A professionals has more than 40 years experience in managing and executing successful corporate finance processes. Our partnership with Mergers Alliance provides us with true global reach.

our value added for M&A and strategy projects

our advisory work is driven by excellence and entrepreneurial mindset. As principal investors in various industries (see portfolio) we bring a rich and diverse sector expertise, operational know-how and an M&A and fundraising track record. It makes us a credible partner for mid-sized corporates and entrepreneurs, including succession cases.


our value added for M&A and strategy projects